I am a researcher at Koç University, KUIS AI Center. My main research area is natural language processing (NLP). I mainly focus on vision-language tasks, knowledge-intensive NLP problems, and devising tools, benchmarks, and systems for the Turkish language. Previously, I was a PhD student at Koç University, under the supervision of Deniz Yuret and Aykut Erdem. I received my bachelor degree from Istanbul Technical University, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering. The easiest way to contact me is to send an email.


  • Jan 2024: Our work ViLMA, a zero-shot evaluation benchmark for video-language models got accepted to ICLR 2024! Check out the project page to learn more.
  • Sep 2023: I successfully defended my thesis and earned a PhD degree!
  • Sep 2022: I will be visiting Iacer Calixto’s group at Amsterdam Medical Center, University of Amsterdam until the end of this October!
  • Aug 2022: Our system achieved the 2nd place in the Euphemism Detection shared task organized by the 3rd Workshop on Figurative Language Processing!
  • Jun 2022: Our work received a best paper award at 5th Multimodal Learning and Applications Workshop hosted by CVPR 2022!
  • May 2022: I will present our recent work CRAFT at ACL 2022 in-person.
  • Mar 2022: Our work “Modulating Bottom-Up and Top-Down Visual Processing via Language-Conditional Filters” is accepted to 5th Multimodal Learning and Applications Workshop hosted by CVPR 2022! Check our paper on arXiv.
  • Feb 2022: Our work “CRAFT: A Benchmark for Causal Reasoning About Forces and inTeractions” is accepted to Findings of ACL 2022! Check our paper on arXiv.